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Institutional Strengthening and Coherence for Integrated Natural Resources Management

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News“Integrated Watershed Management”

“Integrated Watershed Management”

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Integrated Watershed Management is the closest committee to the pilot sites and so it’s to be the most important committee in MENARID. The whole project proposals- proposed by individuals, groups or organization- would be considered and evaluated by this committee and after being proved that all are in line with human and natural resources would come into practice and implemented.

This committee has been formed under city governance supervision and included representative of local community, representative of active NGO in the pilot sites and relevant experts from government. The other permanent members are general director of Natural Resources and Watershed Bureau of provinces as secretary of the committee, project province managers, and head of Agriculture of Jihad, Regional Water Manager, Municipality and Rural Organization and Road, Housing and Urban Organization. Other organizations will be invited if necessary.   

The whole members would be sentenced by the city governor of Behabad, Zabol and Kermanshah, plus this committee would hold monthly meetings regularly.