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Institutional Strengthening and Coherence for Integrated Natural Resources Management

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In term of MENARID capacity building and educational activities and with purpose of introducing modern technics of Knowledge management, a two days seminar on this subject was held through MENARID and Detma group cooperation in September 2012 with the following topics;
1-   How to evaluate KM status in the organization;
2-   Dimension of KM in human resource level;
3-   Process and steps of KM implementation;
4-   KM strategies and benefiting in the routine life;
5-   KM tools in MENARID;
6-   KM utility in a multi- pronged approach like MENARID.

In the inauguration, Mr. Aghighi, the general director of Watershed Planning and Coordination office in Forest, Range and Watershed Organization, reminded the importance of knowledge in history to natural resources management for decision making on new executive activities. He also emphasized that gathering the local knowledge prevents to work parallel in different level.
At the end, the seminar was evaluated by experts and professional participants which were granted a certificate to show they have passed this course.