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NewsSupplying Electric power by Solar Panels to 115 Nomadic Tents after Cooperation with MENARID International Project

Supplying Electric power by Solar Panels to 115 Nomadic Tents after Cooperation with MENARID International Project

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Supplying Electric power by Solar Panels to 115 Nomadic Tents after Cooperation with MENARID International Project

Iran newspaper recently (on 30 July 2015) published a comprehensive report on supplying electric power by solar panels to nomadic tents around Hamoon dried lakes in Sistan and Baluchistan by a benefactor woman. The full report of Iran newspaper is enclosed.
Cooperation among Children’s Book Council of Iran and MENARID International Project was began in 2014 to establish “Local Development Center” including library, toy house and local museum in Aliakbar city, Hamoon Region, Sistan and Baluchistan. The prime objective of MENARID project to do this activity was to promote capacity, knowledge and awareness of children, teenagers, youth and their mothers in field of natural resources, environment, and impacts of land degradation, drought, wind and soil erosion, as well as their effects to local people lives. Also, the project seeks to create a center for dialogue, brainstorming and increase social trust and synergy the potential among local people in order to achieve participatory activities. 

In this regard, Children’s Book Council was selected because of it is a well-known body to set up libraries and toy houses across the country with local people participations’. The council in cooperation with MENARID provided trainings to volunteers such as rural mothers and their children to manage the library and create handicrafts and Origami dolls and toys. 
 In this way, Ms. Azar Mobaraki, the Origami instructor, was acquainted with Hamoon region, Aliakbar city, the tribes and their lives status. After her presence in the region, she thought how she can help local people and nomads to improve their lives status. Based on her study and research, it was recognized that the first step to change and improve their living conditions is providing electric power by solar panels for the region tribes. Electric power by Solar Panels to 115 Nomadic Tents has been supplied through her individual follow –up and participation of benefactors and patriotic Iranian around the world. 

One of the MENARID crucial objectives is to sensitize civil society, NGOs and private sector to promote people capacity and culture in sustainable use and conservation of natural resources and environment, as well as attract local communities’ collaboration and cooperation especially children and youth who are the main heirs of the resources.  Moreover, optimal use of ecosystem services such as solar and wind energy has been considered by MENARID project due to their effects on reducing impacts of climate change and land degradation.

What has happened in Hamoon region demonstrated a significant success in which providing a suitable social context leads to positive and constructive connection among public, local communities, benefactors and NGOs. In Iran, professionals and benefactors with strength will like Ms. Mobaraki are abundant and it is essential to create the social context to connect them with local people to rely on national capabilities and achieve the objectives of sustainable development and the economy of resistance. In addition, such actions facilitate to gain MENARID project goals in Hamoon region and also cause the repeatability and social and economic sustainability of MENARID activities.